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Unforgettable Burlesque Experiences for Your Wedding Celebrations!

Congratulations on your upcoming celebrations! At Lulu's Black Market, we understand that these special occasions deserve to be celebrated in style. Elevate your wedding celebrations with an unforgettable burlesque experience that adds glamour, laughter, and a touch of vintage charm to your festivities.

Why Choose Lulu's Black Market for Your Celebrations?

  • Unique Entertainment: Make your wedding celebrations stand out with our burlesque performances. We offer a blend of vintage elegance and modern flair that will leave your guests entertained and captivated.

  • Tailored Experiences: We understand that each celebration is unique. Our team works closely with you to customise the entertainment, ensuring it perfectly suits your event's theme and preferences. We also have our own Catering partners, Spirit Brands and mixologists if you'd like to work with us on creating a bespoke menu for your venue hire.

  • Inclusivity: Everyone deserves a memorable celebration. Our burlesque experiences are designed to be inclusive, welcoming all participants to join in the fun.

  • Professional Performers: Our talented troupe of performers is dedicated to delivering top-notch entertainment. They bring the art of burlesque to life with humour, grace, and sophistication. Have a browse of Our Hosts, Burlesque, Aerial & Pole + Hula & Contortion performers to find your perfect fit.

Wedding Services

Imagine the enchantment of burlesque for your wedding celebrations:

  • Reception Entertainment: Delight your guests with a burlesque performance during your celebration. It's a unique way to add elegance and excitement to your special day.

  • Party Activities: Bond with your party attendees by booking one of our burlesque workshops or classes. It's a fantastic pre-celebration activity that creates lasting memories.

  • Pre-wedding celebration: Fancy having a burlesque show at your pre party? Celebrate you Hen Do, Sten Do, Stag Party or Fox Party with a Lulu's mini event. Let one of our drag queens escort you to your venue of choice and carry you through the night with entertainment, add a couple of our performers to entertain your guests and let them carry on the party at home with a personalised Lulu's 'At Home' Kit!

Recommended packages for weddings in Brighton

Explore our recommended packages to make your wedding celebration truly memorable:

  • Burlesque Afternoon Tea: An interactive and intriguing experience that combines the thrill of a burlesque show with the glamour of afternoon tea.

  • Pin-Up Picnic: A delightful outdoor affair with a vintage twist, perfect for pre-wedding celebrations or as part of an outdoor wedding event.

  • Naughty Night Out: For those seeking a more daring and entertaining experience in Brighton, this package adds a dash of spice to your wedding or gathering.

  • Burlesque Empowerment Classes: Our gender-neutral empowerment classes offer a unique opportunity for team building and self-discovery through the art of burlesque.

Personalised Packages

We offer personalised packages to suit your wedding needs, ensuring an experience that's as unique as your celebration.

Personalised 'At-Home' Lulu's Black Market Kits

Enhance your wedding with the option to add a personalised 'at-home' Lulu's Black Market kit for each guest. Our kits contain carefully curated items to bring the Lulu's Black Market experience to your attendees, no matter where they are.

Book Your Celebration Experience with Lulu's Black Market

Ready to add a touch of glamour and excitement to your wedding celebrations? Contact us today to discuss your preferences, explore our packages, and discover how we can create a memorable burlesque experience for your special day.


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