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‘The Black Market’ is committed to providing the highest quality experience for our customers, which is why all of our products are handmade and/or showcase local farmers, produce and artisan makers. 

Aims and objectives:


  • Provide premier entertainment for day and evening trade, focusing on local talent with an aim to bringing the community together. Shows will include seasoned performers as well as new and upcoming talent to ensure that the industry remains open to all and is focused on sharing knowledge and skills with the new generation of artists.


  • Celebrate local and seasonal produce by supporting independent manufacturers, farms and artisan producers.

  • Provide an entirely plant based and ‘free from’ allergens menu.

  • Ensure that The Black Market becomes a hub for the community. Achieved through providing a venue that proudly supports the LGBTQIA2S+ community by ensuring a safe and open space whether in our events or venues. We also encourage partnerships with local arts initiatives to ensure we are representative of our Brighton community.

  • Using the theme of WW2, all menus are seasonal in keeping with the core values of ‘Dig for Victory. We have established a circular economy through our ‘Make Do & Mend’ menu by utilising a zero-waste policy in our production processes, as well as using eco  and recyclable materials for our packaging. Our luxury dishes for The Black Market menu utilise products found in the WW2 black market, but are designed with a modern twist to reflect current food trends.

  • Recognise and celebrate the contribution of service men and women (across all disciplines) throughout history and especially those who are from Brighton, by providing discounts to those who are currently working (or have worked) in the public services and/or armed forces.



Education. Empowerment. Equality


The Black Market is a champion for equality. We do this by changing the conversation in the hospitality and entertainment industry by encouraging corporate business to have a circular business model through supporting our champions for change and creating long term impact in these industries.


Through our bespoke burlesque events, made up entirely of independent entertainers, food and drink brands that are local to the region of Brighton, clients can create events and also utilise our champions for change as brand ambassadors, creating the opportunity for an integrated network, promotion and sharing of best practice.


The black markets of WW2 brought communities together, were unique to the region and enabled the locals to obtain items that weren’t available in the mainstream. We are unique, we are reflective of the traditions of our regions but also focused on regeneration and pushing boundaries to blend the creative and new in order to create a truly unique experience.


Inspired by the ideologies and ethos of WW2, we:


Dig for Victory


  • Digging into our community to showcase local artists and independent producers.


  • Celebrating every victory when our community is represented in the mainstream.


Make Do and Mend


  • Make positive and sustainable change through engaging our corporate and wider community by creating long lasting partnerships.


  • Doing what we believe in every day and encouraging our community to ‘do the right thing’.


  • Mending relationships between independent and corporate businesses by championing equality and fair representation for all.


  • Creating a climate of openness and sharing of best practice by removing fear of change and competition to create an equal and balanced society.


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