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Education. Empowerment. Equality


As an educator in the arts, I have always championed equality by redressing the balance of diversity and inclusion in my industry. The Black Market creates more fair and equal representation, not only on a brand and product level, but through campaigning for change in the working practices, systems and policies that will ultimately ensure a more 'open door' society.


Inspired by 1940s ideologies, we Dig for Victory. Digging into our community to showcase local entertainers and artisan producers, celebrating every victory when our community is represented in the mainstream. We Make Do and Mend. Making positive and sustainable change through engaging our corporate and wider community to make long lasting partnerships that promote a circular economy, in business and as eco-led producers.


We want to mend our relationships between larger corporations and independent companies, creating a climate of openness and sharing of best practices, removing fear of change and competition to create a more equal and balanced society.


I have dedicated my life to education, empowerment and equality, making transformative and sustainable change in arts education. I now want to champion transformation in the arts industry to ensure future generations are afforded the equality of representation they deserve.​


Burlesque dancer. Boss. Mum.



‘The Black Market’ is committed to providing the highest quality experience for our customers, which is why all of our events showcase local performers, produce and artisan makers. 

Aims and objectives:


  • Provide premier entertainment focusing on local talent with an aim to bringing the community together. Shows will include seasoned performers as well as new and upcoming talent to ensure that the industry remains open to all and is focused on sharing knowledge and skills with the new generation of artists.


  • Celebrate local and seasonal produce by supporting independent manufacturers, farms and artisan producers.

  • Provide an entirely plant based catering menu.

  • Ensure that The Black Market becomes a hub for the community. Achieved through curating events that proudly supports the LGBTQIA2S+ community by ensuring a safe and open space whether in our events or venues. We also encourage partnerships with local arts initiatives to ensure we are representative of our Brighton community.

  • Using the theme of WW2, all menus are seasonal in keeping with the core values of ‘Dig for Victory. We have established a circular economy through our ‘Make Do & Mend’ inspired menu by utilising a zero-waste policy in our production processes, as well as ensuring our caterers use eco and recyclable materials for packaging. 

  • Recognise and celebrate the contribution of service men and women (across all disciplines) throughout history and especially those who are from Brighton, by providing discounts to those who are currently working (or have worked) in the public services and/or armed forces.

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