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Aerial & Pole Arts

Add a touch of aerial or pole glamour to your event with our amazing artists. Strong, graceful, athletic, our performers not only demonstrate fantastic choreography but the power and energy to create breathtaking shapes in the air!

 A range of equipment is available for their stunning performances, choose from silks, hoops, moons and more. Please note venues will need to have a technical recce to assess whether aerial is suitable for your event. Ground based equipment such as lollipop hoops, stage poles and apex swings can also be used for performance.


Naomi is an international multi-disciplinary performance artist merging the circus with storytelling.

If you're seeking an artist who can infuse your event with the magic of circus, storytelling, and a dash of rebellious spirit, look no further. Naomi is here to take your audience on an unforgettable journey.


She creates captivating pieces that incite riotous acts of joyful disobedience celebrating empowerment and rebellion.


Her circus style acts include aerial hoop, chair acro, neo-burlesque, fire palms and, occasionally, spoken word and theatrical poetry performance.

Join the call to embrace your inner fire and break free from the ordinary!


Known for thrilling audiences with his break neck speed spins and death defying drops, Tamati is one seasoned performer!


Based in Brighton and specialising in aerial silks and silk loop, he coaches a range of students to fulfil their potential and fuel their passion for aerial art.


Having performed in cabaret, circus and festival settings, Tamati's variety of characters are spellbinding. Through his dramatic movement, style and musicality he delivers captivating and breath taking performances to suit any event.


Skill set includes solo aerial silks, silk loop, strap loops and doubles silks.


Get ready to be mesmerized by the extraordinary talents of Sarah Grace, a versatile performer who shines in both pole and lollipop (lyra pole).


Her unique style encompasses a wide range, from heart-pounding aerial tricks and sultry body rolls to graceful choreography that flows like poetry in motion.


With a knack for character creation and the ability to tailor her performances to any theme, Sarah is your go-to artist for captivating entertainment.

In recent years, Sarah's affinity for lollipop has flourished, leading her to explore innovative tricks and mesmerizing flows on this unique apparatus. Whether suspended in the air or gracefully spinning, her lollipop performances are a true spectacle.


Meet Vixen, a dynamic pole dancer specialising in both static and spin pole routines, she's a true artist in the world of pole dancing.

A dedicated full-time pole instructor, Vixen's signature style is a mesmerising blend of dynamic strength and flawless fluidity.


Her performances take you on an exhilarating journey filled with sassy spins, twirly tricks, and a cascade of hair flicks that combines skill, style, and sassy sophistication.

Join Vixen and embark on a captivating journey through the world of pole dancing.

Add a touch of magic to your event and let Vixen draw your audience into her lair!


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