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Hula & Contortion

"If you see a dancer, skating for their life with every hula hoop they can find, what noise are we going to make?"

- Rita Herringbone, co-host of Lulu's Black Market

Twirls, whirls and everything in between. Add a touch of hula magic to your event by selecting one of our very dextrous, athletic and highly skilled hula artists. Speaking of dexterity, add a touch of carnival glamour to your event with one of our contortionists. You'll be amazed at the shapes they can twist themselves into!

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Kiki LaHula: A Fusion of Grace and Artistry.

A true virtuoso in the world of entertainment. As a professional roller skater and hula hoop artist, she's a master of her craft, specialising in the mesmerising fusion of hoop and dance.

Kiki's roller skating prowess will transport you to a world of fluid grace and dynamic moves. She effortlessly glides and twirls, turning every performance into a spectacle of elegance and rhythm.

Kiki LaHula is ready to mesmerize your audience with her unique talents and unforgettable performances.

Bringing absolute joy to any spectacle is Kiki's raison d'être, don't miss out!


Senayt: A globetrotting mistress of contortion.

Prepare to be dazzled by the remarkable journey of Senayt, a world-class contortionist hailing from Tigray, Ethiopia.

Senayt's passion for the circus ignited her career from an early age, taking her to captivating destinations around the world. 

Her talents have graced iconic venues,  leaving a trail of applause in her wake.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the extraordinary talent of Senayt, a contortionist whose art knows no boundaries.


Her performances are a testament to the magic of the circus, an art form that transcends borders and captivates hearts worldwide. Get ready to be enchanted by Senayt's mesmerizing contortion acts! 


Laura Loops: Are you ready?

Meet Laura Loops, a classically trained dancer who has seamlessly blended her technical prowess with the enchanting world of flow arts. With a magical fusion of technique and mesmerising movement, Laura brings a unique touch to various performance styles.

Step into Laura Loops' newest and cheekiest act yet – an electrifying masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of burlesque. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as Laura weaves an alluring tapestry of sexy, saucy, and sultry hoop artistry that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.


This isn't just burlesque; it's an unparalleled display of sensuality, redefining the boundaries of the captivating world Laura Loops invites you to explore.

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