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Hula & Contortion

"If you see a dancer, skating for their life with every hula hoop they can find, what noise are we going to make?"

- Rita Herringbone, co-host of Lulu's Black Market

Twirls, whirls and everything in between. Add a touch of hula magic to your event by selecting one of our very dextrous, athletic and highly skilled hula artists. Speaking of dexterity, add a touch of carnival glamour to your event with one of our contortionists. You'll be amazed at the shapes they can twist themselves into!

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Kiki LaHula: A Fusion of Grace and Artistry.

A true virtuoso in the world of entertainment. As a professional roller skater and hula hoop artist, she's a master of her craft, specialising in the mesmerising fusion of hoop and dance.

Kiki's roller skating prowess will transport you to a world of fluid grace and dynamic moves. She effortlessly glides and twirls, turning every performance into a spectacle of elegance and rhythm.

Kiki LaHula is ready to mesmerize your audience with her unique talents and unforgettable performances.

Bringing absolute joy to any spectacle is Kiki's raison d'être, don't miss out!

Welcome to Pika ⚡️world

Pika Hoop: Your Hula Hoop Flow Artist Extraordinaire! 

Get ready to witness the magic of multi-hooping, LED hoop wizardry, and street hoop mastery, all brought to life by the phenomenal Pika, our hula hoop flow artist. She's here to leave your audience utterly wowed!

Pika's journey began as a self-taught hooper, fueled by an insatiable passion for the art. She then honed her skills under the guidance of renowned hooping luminaries, soaking up knowledge and mastering the craft.

In Pika's words, "This plastic circle gives me absolute joy. It made me realize that I have creativity, passion, and confidence in myself. I am proud of what I create and cannot wait to share it with you."

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Step into the enigmatic world of Rainbiscuit, contortion extraordinaire!

Prepare to be enthralled by the exceptional talents of Rainbiscuit, a multifaceted artist specialising in ground-based contortion acts and aerial hoop performances.


Her performances are a mesmerizing blend of Western and Mongolian Contortion, so expect the sensual and the surreal. Her astonishing flexibility and graceful movements will leave you spellbound.

For a truly captivating and unique entertainment experience that blends tradition with innovation, Rainbiscuit is your choice.


Let her contortion acts and aerial hoop performances transport your audience into a world of wonder and enchantment!