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"A good drink will help you be a ducky shincracker!"

Our gorgeous spirits brands are artisan, local and passionate about crafting quality drinks that reveal layers of flavour with every taste. Supply your event with a range of bespoke cocktails created by our mixologists or mix it up with a range of glamorous G&T's, voluptuous vodka or rambunctious rum and mixers. Let your creativity flow in designing the best bespoke drinks menu for your event. 


Founded in 2021 by Katie Overton-Hart (universally known by her initials, KOH – hence Initial Gin) G&H Spirits is driven by her own balance of relentless hard work and self determination to succeed, following losing her career in events during the pandemic.

Katie applied an uncompromising approach to her brand and embodied the fabric of the strapline ‘it’s what we stand for’ to not only the Initial Gin range, but also to the parent company of G&H Spirits, Georgie & Henners, after her two children. That’s how much this means to her. And it’s KOH’s drive, ambition and vision that define who we are, and everything we do. Life is busy, but positivity and resilience drive us towards success and with that brings great reward.

Following the success of the Initial Gin range, Katie developed Drinks with Spirit. This is a playful range that celebrates individuality. We noticed a gap in the market for a contemporary take on liqueurs so developed a hybrid mix between a spirit and a liqueur (lower ABV, yet not as syrupy as a liqueur) and added a G&H twist on some well-loved favourites because we want to be as individual as you are.

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The South Saxon Spirits distillery, established in 2019, is Littlehampton’s first commercial distillery. Independently owned, and family run.

Using both high-tech and traditional stills, we focus on hand crafting quality spirits, unique vodkas and a spiced rum. They all deserve tasting.


Although historical records are rather sketchy, South Saxony (Sussex) was a rather large Kingdom around the year 477. Legend has it that King Aelle and his three sons arrived in 3 ships at Pevensey and conquered what is now Sussex. He is credited with the foundation of the Kingdom of South Saxony; he was also the first King to be recognised as Overlord of all the English peoples south of the Humber and described as the first Bretwalda (ruler of Britain).

King Aelle was killed in a battle with the legendary King Arthur in 516AD and is reputed to be buried upon Highdown Hill just north of Ferring on the West Sussex coast.

Here at the award winning South Saxon Spirits, we’re ready to conquer again, bringing you authentic, rich tasting spirits that reflect our homeland. Sussex – a Kingdom of Taste

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