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"Like cinema, but with a bra"

Brought to you by award winning comedic and creative powerhouse Ro Robertson & Alexander Joseph, no Black Market event would be the same without this stunning drag duo hosting. Guaranteed to seamlessly guide your audience through your event, these Queens of the silver screen bring not only a unique twist to well known musical favourites but they script, compose and sing their own songs. If you would like something bespoke to your event, let us know!

After a successful time at Brighton Fringe 2017, Cinebra embarked on a European tour covering London, Iceland and Amsterdam. Not only have they continually received rave reviews from critics and audiences, but they also won the Pebble Trust International Touring Bursary and held nominations for Reviews Hub’s ‘Beyond The Fringe’ award and the Out In Brighton’s LGBT award. Watch out world, this dynamic duo are set for more success.

Glenda & Rita

Hurled forward in time from the Golden Era of cinema and immortalised in black and white, Glenda & Rita are struggling to find work in this brutal and unforgiving technicolour world. 

From their Hollywood hey-day to their miserable flat in Lancing, the pair have come together to make it big in theatre and vaudeville, to tell the world their stories of “The Professional Blues” and thoughtful advice such as “Know Your



Undeterred by the challenges of modern technology, they take audiences on a journey through Movie Greats, Chicago show tunes and Christmas Classics.

Songs include:

Think of Me/Phantom of The Opera (Keys)
Lady Marmalade (Keys)
'A Star is Born'/Shallow (Keys)

All That Jazz

Cell Block Tango

White Christmas

All I want for Christmas is You

“A marvellously anarchic romp.”

★★★★★ Reviews Hub

“These are broad, but somehow believable, characters with great lines who have a story to tell.”

★★★★ Broadway Baby



Encyclopaedic knowledge of horror films wrapped up in gorgeous geeky-ness, there's nothing this “adorkable” duo, don't know or love about the history of horror. 

Songs include:

Final Girl (Original)

Friday13th (Original)

Babadook - Agadoo Parody (Track)

"Melodies contagious as a George Romero zombie movie, lyrics as sharp as Freddie Krueger's blades."

★★★★ Broadway Baby

"Extremely clever, bringing in tropes from Scream, Carrie & The Exorcist."

★★★★ Planet Nation

"Cleverly written and magically performed... You don't need to like the horror genre to back in its glory."

★★★★½ The Reviews Hub

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