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Fuddy Duddy.

Whisky topped with bitters. Sugar cube. Orange peel. Glace cherry. 



Tequila. Dark rum. Gin. Vodka. Orange liqueur over ice. Topped with fizzy pop.


Eager Beaver

White, golden and dark rum. Lime, pineapple and papaya juice. Dark sugar rim. Cherry.


Armoured Heifer

Dark chocolate. Double plant based cream. Espresso shot. Vanilla Vodka.


Above My Pay Grade

Gin. Elderflower liqueur. Prosecco. Lime. 



Bathtub gin. Lemon juice. Orange liqueur. Vin blanc. Dash of absinthe. 


A Big Bathtub

Serves 4. Includes a WW2 Snack selection.


Pennies from Heaven

Cognac. Lemon Juice. Orange liqueur. Shaken over ice. 


Grand Stand

Vermouth. Vodka. Lemon. Olive.


Hen Fruit

Aquafaba egg white. Vegan eggnog. Gin. Orange juice. Syrup.


Dead Hoofer

Gin. Tomato and lemon juice. Garlic. Horseradish. Balsamic vinegar. Celery salt. Black pepper. Hot sauce. 


Gypsy Rose Lee

Gin. Lime juice. Syrup. Rosewater. Bitters. Cucumber. Mint. Salt.



Whisky. Orange liqueur. Gin. Melon liqueur. Vodka. Schnapps. Pineapple and cranberry juice over ice.



The Ration Pack: any 6 shots


Vera Lynn

Gold liqueur. Cinnamon. Peach Schnapps. Cherry syrup & lemonade.



Whisky. Vermouth. Lemon Juice. Orange bitters. 


Laurel & Hardy

Coffee liqueur layered on Vegan Irish cream liqueur and Orange liqueur.


Clark Gable

Brandy. Peppermint schnapps. White vegan crème de cacao. 


Dan Dare

Melon liqueur. Vegan eggnog. Vegan Irish cream liqueur and a dash of Cherry syrup. 

Selection of local and vegan wines per glass or bottle.

Local craft beers and ales available. 

Soft drinks

Selection of local craft teas and coffee.

Fizzy pop, mocktails and fresh juices available. 

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