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Empowerment. Education. Equality

“The1940s burlesque night you need to know about” (Brighton On The Inside)

Through our 5* reviewed bespoke burlesque events, made up entirely of independent entertainers, food and drink brands that are local to the region of Brighton, clients can create events that support The Black Market in changing the conversation in the hospitality and entertainment industry. By empowering our independent entertainers and businesses through booking them for events, clients can support the education of audiences and the wider industries on how to create more equality in the cabaret space.

"Think of us as ethical entertainment!"- Romy (Owner)

The black markets of WW2 brought communities together, were unique to the region and enabled the locals to obtain items that weren’t available in the mainstream. We are unique, we are reflective of the traditions of our Sussex region but also focused on regeneration and pushing boundaries to blend the creative and new in order to create a truly unique experience.


"I would love for more clients to Build Their Event with us and join in our journey, or check out one of our Current Events to see what we're about".

We are encouraging our business clients to have a circular business model through supporting our champions for change and creating long term impact in these industries.Clients can utilise our champions for change as brand ambassadors, creating the opportunity for an integrated network, promotion and sharing of best practice.

"Black Market burlesque was everything we hoped for and more- we will be back" (Connected Brighton)

Inspired by the ideologies and ethos of WW2, we:

Dig for Victory


  • Dig into our community to showcase local artists and independent producers.


  • Celebrate every victory when our community is represented in the mainstream.

  • Dig deep to empower ourselves and others in the face of challenges.

Make Do and Mend


  • Make positive and sustainable change through engaging our corporate and wider community by creating long lasting partnerships.


  • Doing what we believe in every day and encouraging our community to ‘do the right thing’.


  • Mending relationships between independent and corporate businesses by championing equality and fair representation for all.


  • Creating a climate of openness and sharing of best practice by removing fear of change and competition to create an equal and balanced society.

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Meet the Owner

I first knew that anything was possible at age 18 when I independently produced a film documentary which I sold to Universal Studios. This experience fuelled my passion for blending storytelling, movie culture, social commentary and social change which resulted in the dream of The Black Market. Fast forward production designing award winning films at university, an Ofsted oustanding career in education with continually nationally beating results in Media Studies, burlesque dancing, two children, single motherhood, a move from Surrey to Brighton and I was ready to make my dream happen.


I held my first Black Market burlesque show at The Old Market theatre, Hove in September 2022 with an amazing cast of local performers. Spurred on by the positive feedback, I held my second show in December to celebrate a 'twisted Christmas' and The Black Market's first birthday.


Being a newbie to the Brighton cabaret scene it was a real eye-opener to the community, in terms of the overwhelming support for my mission but also the need for sustainable and impactful change. I heard a lot of stories about business and working practices that made me cringe so I decided to make positive change. Having been a clerk in an employment tribunal, school union rep and self representing in my own divorce/child custody case I knew I could utilise that experience to run an a company which provides top quality entertainment and has ethical aims. 

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Proud to serve our clients.

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Proud to be a part of our business communities.

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